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“Food with no Boundaries” has been our vision since we first opened in late 2010. Our menu adheres to our vision, which is a combination of South Asian & Mediterranean Grill, which appeals to broader clientele beyond any particular ethnic group. Our vision for the brand is to simplify the grilled cuisines of Mediterranean and South Asian region and bring it to our clientele in an environment which is based on fast casual model. So far, it has been a success, with our first location completing its fourth year. In a neighborhood with residents of mixed demographics and lunch crowd that represents a mix of several companies from the Greens point office district, we have successfully attracted a diverse crowd to enjoy the variety of items offered by our menu.Shafi Mamoo - Kabob Korner Houston

We have effectively catered to about 10,000 customers currently in our database for Carryout orders only, along with a very sizable Dine-in clientele. So far, the marketing model of our business has been word-to-mouth, that has proven to be very successful and our repeat clientele turnaround is at 70% within a two week time period. The popularity of the product and the online reviews that our establishment has gotten, has only contributed in the success of our brand, and we only like to share our passion for food with our clientele, because we truly believe that food has no boundaries.

Our menu is our specialty, where each item on the menu is cooked with the finest of ingredients and with great culinary perfection. The variety that exists in our menu lineup from spicy to Mediterranean always provides something for everyone and our goal remains that it’s not the number of people that walk in to our restaurant matters, but it’s in fact the number of people that are walking out satisfied with our product and service. Our clientele matters to us, and we are only satisfied when everyone we serve is satisfied!