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500 years of History: Cooking under you

2-NihariFor some it may be an ordinary everyday Pakistani dish, which takes good 12 hours to cook on a slow range, and taste delicious with piping hot Naans. What people fail to realize is the fact that this dish has a history that dates back to at least 500 years, for some it may be a  dish in its existence, but for others it is 500 years of history and perfection to taste.


The word Nihari is derived from Arabic word “Nihar,” which means morning, the idea was to cook this dish containing bone marrow and beef shank meat with a flour based gravy overnight on a slow range. In some traditions, people used to have stoves dug few feet under the ground and pot on top of it, and covered until the morning. It would then be served to royalty after the morning prayers before the sunrise, after which they would take a nap, and resume their day at the afternoon prayers.


Nihari has went on to become so popular that it has become the national dish of Pakistan, but served all over South Asian Sub-Continent.


Just a food for thought, in case you order Nihari on your next visit.